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Site KIP-1146

The upright stone (A) at KIP-1146 as viewed from the leveled area (B), with Ka Lae o Ka ‘Ilio directly behind it. (Photo by Clive Ruggles; colour version of figure 7.32 in the book)

DTM-generated profile of the horizon to the east as seen from site KIP-1146. The horizontal bars indicate the direction of orientation of the upright A when viewed from the small cleared area B, and of the terraces. The darker yellow lines indicate the rising paths of the sun at the June solstice (left) and December solstice (right); the lighter yellow line indicates the rising path of the sun at the equinoxes; and the blue line indicates the rising path of the Pleiades in A.D. 1600. (Graphic by Andrew Smith; colour version of Figure 7.33 in the book)

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